Rattle Tales Goes International

We are taking our rattles and heading over the Channel to put on our first internatonal show.

We will be reading and rattling at 8pm on?? 27th October in Relais de la Baie, a cafe and gallery in Noyelles-sur-Mer, on the Picardy Coast.

Noyelles-sur-Mer has a large English-speaking population. If you are one of them, come and see a group of British writers put on a fantastic show that’s fresh from the Brighton Festival Fringe. You’ll hear a diverse mix of original stories and get to chat about them with their writers.

You can buy tickets for the bargain price of?? 5 Euros from Relais de la Baie in the afternoons (closed Mon and Tue), or reserve them by emailing [email protected]

Check out the event poster