Line-up for 13th February

We had a bigger than ever set of submissions in for this show, with some excellent writing and some hard decisions to make. But make them we did, and this is the result:

Lucy Britner – It’s Your Funeral
Alice Cuninghame – The Last Client
Linda Baker – The Fake
Holly Dawson – Everything Here Belongs in a Cage
Pete Maguire – Have the Schemes of Nature Succeeded in Dreaming You Pure?
Heather McKenzie – Out of Time
Nicolas Ridley – Always
Bill Parslow – The Reversed Fish

Come down to the Brunswick on the evening of 13th February to listen, chat, drink and rattle.

Tickets only ??5 from here, or on the door. Doors open from 7.30pm, show starts at 8pm. See you there!


Line-up for the 23rd!

Fancy an atmospheric evening of storytelling, laughs and discussion? You’re in luck.

Come along to the Brunswick next Wednesday 23rd October for just that.

And this time, we’ve got live music alongside the stories, from Sam Crawley and Sam Ireland.

The show starts at 8pm. Join us for a drink first or perhaps a burger from the very tasty Trolls Pantry.

Buy tickets in advance from here for a bargain ??5. Any left will be on the door.

Don’t forget to bring your rattles to cheer on this lovely lot of established and up-and-coming writers:

Jo Gatford – Now Look What You Did

Ruby Cowling – Give Over

David McGrath – The Elephant in the Tower

Alice Cuninghame – The Washout

Erinna Mettler – Footprints

Mike Liardet – The Invention

Edward Rowe – I Was There Watching

Katherine Doggrell – One Eleven


Line-up for the Fringe

We had another very impressive set of submissions in for our Brighton Festival Fringe show on 23rd May. But there can only be eight winners. They are:

Shirley Golden – Curtailed
Craig Melvin – Albion
Erinna Mettler – Carbon in its Purest Form
Cahir McDaid – Recorded for Posterity
Alice Cuninghame – On the Beach
Mike Liardet – The Collector
Amanda Welby-Everard – Restless Legs
Paul McVeigh – An Honest Man

Get tickets here for just ??5. And get them soon – we sold out well in advance last year. The show starts at 9pm on 23rd May at the Brunswick.


All Lined Up

After plenty of careful consideration, we’ve settled on the line-up for our 20th Feburary show at the Brunswick. Expect stories of feathers, winter sun, last words, party dresses, smarties, vicars wives, edible wolves and rhinos, from:

Erinna Mettler – Feathers
Katherine Doggrell – Winter Sun
Ashley Meggitt – Famous Last Words
Charlotte Feld – A Dress in Duck Egg Blue
Jade Weighell – Blue
Hannah Radcliffe – Sanctuary
Tracy Fells – Gretel and the Chocolate Wolf
Julie Taylor – Rhino

Get your tickets here for just ??4


Brunswick Line-up Announced!

After much deliberation and eating of posh crisps at our selection meeting the following authors will read their stories at our show at The Brunswick on Nov 22nd.

Joe Evans??

Amanda Welby-Everard

Isabel Costello

Katherine Doggrell

Paul McVeigh

Erinna Mettler

Mike Liardet

Brian Bell

A varied and entertaining programme, and a real tear-jerker!

Tickets are available for the unbelieveably bargainous price of ??4 from The Brunswick website. Come along and shake your rattles!Image


Shoreham Line-up

Having read through another fantastic collection of submissions, we’re ready to announce the lucky winners who will read their stories at our next night of rattling and storytelling fun. Join us and them, with Shoreham Wordfest at the Ropetackle Arts Centre?? at 8 pm on 6th October.

Ropetackle is a fantastic purpose-built arts venue that attracts some of the UK’s biggest performing arts events. It’s in the heart of Shoreham, and has its own well-stocked bars and a cafe. Getting to Shoreham from Brighton should only take around 15 minutes by either train or car.

Buy tickets here for just ??6.

You’ll hear these short stories and flash fiction pieces:

Erinna Mettler – What Me and Pa Saw in the Meadow

Ed Rowe – Spearhead

Gina Challen – The Painted Lady

Kate Allan – In Memoriam

Sara Crowley – The Key

Alice Cuninghame – Tunnels

Rebecca Parfitt – The Eyemaker

Tom Glover – Man’s Best Friend


Festival Line-Up and Tickets

We had a very impressive bunch of stories submitted for our Brighton Festival Fringe night on 14th May, and some very difficult decisions to make. We managed to whittle them down six after much discussion, although we have had to leave some excellent stories off the bill. Thank you to everyone who submitted. As well as the six full-length stories, we’ve managed to squeeze a couple of bonus flash fiction spots in to round off each half of the proceedings. The full list is:

Joe Joyce – Ganglion
Amanda Welby-Everard – The Good School
Linda Baker – The Pear Tree
Charlotte Feld – The Potential Energy of an Object (flash piece)
Ryan Millar – Waking the Bear
Alice Cuninghame – All Fall Down
Susanna Quinn – How to Make Money and Manipulate People
Erinna Mettler – Elephant (flash piece)

Tickets for the show are limited, so get them in advance online if you want to be sure of getting in. We cannot guarantee that we will have tickets left to sell on the door. Buy them from here.

See you at the Caroline of Brunswick, at 8.15 on the 14th May.



Line-up, Line-up

After much reading, discussion and deliberation, we’ve put together the line-up for the 8th February. Come to the Komedia Studio Bar from 7.30pm with your rattles at the ready. Readings start at 8pm. You’ll hear:

Ed Rowe – DIY for the Terminally Ill
Lucy Britner – Glenda’s Heel
Chris Roche – The Piano Tuner
Joe Evans – Monster
Alex Maunder – And Just Like Stars They Silenced Us
Katherine Doggrell - The Iron Age
Tamsin Bishton – Mermaid on the Train
Linda Baker – The Professor
Charlotte Feld – The Seventh Magpie


Nearly There…..

We’ve been busy over here at Rattle Tales HQ the last couple of weeks. We had lots of great submissions for our 11th October night, and it’s been challenging work whittling them down to the chosen few. Now we’ve done that, here’s the final line-up:

An Important Day in the Life of John Keats – Ed Rowe
The Perfect ShirtsAmanda Welby Everard
Why Not? -
Liz Dyson
God Rest Her Soul
Chris Roche
A Spring Wedding
Erinna Mettler
If Looks Could Kill
Katherine Doggrell
A Halloween Story
Charlotte Feld
Playing Scrabble
Alice Cuninghame

Come and listen, shake, rattle and chat with us next Tuesday 11th October, at the Marlborough Theatre. ??3 entry, doors at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.


Line-up announcement!

Well, we asked for submissions and we got them. Lots of them. We were thrilled with the response, and so to everyone who submitted – thank you. We now have a fantastic line-up of stories all ready for the next night of rattling and shaking. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s on Sunday 12th June at the Marlborough Theatre, in partnership with our friends at Brighton Bookstock. Buy tickets online here.

Here’s what you’ll get for your ??3:

Waiting Outside Morrisons – Linda Baker
The Bird and WHat We Did To It – Tristan Palmer
Never Mix Your Drinks – Mike Liardet
You Gave Me Garage Forecourt Flowers – Amanda Welby-Everard
Solo – Alison Carter
The Price of Gas – Katherine Doggrell
Tea & Frankenstein – Erinna Mettler
Jackson Frost – Bill Parslow
All Human Life – Stephanie Lam

Well done to all the chosen authors…..we’ll see you on the night, rattlers!