Our New Season – Submissions Wanted

Afer a wonderful summer of festivals we are back in Brighton for a new autumn show. It takes place on Oct 23rd at the wonderful Brunswick on Holland Road Hove.

We are now looking for submissions but only for a very short time, the closing date is Oct 1st!

We are after short fiction and flash so, if you fancy reading at the show send in that killer story and it could be you.

Send short stories between 1-2000 words long or flash fiction up to 350 words to [email protected]
But make sure you read our submissions guidelines first!

We got a few new ideas too so it looks like it’ll be a great show plus all stories chosen will be included in our 1014 anthology.


Adjectives wanted for Brighton Digital Festival

We’re putting together an exciting show of a completely different kind as part of Brighton Digital Festival. And we need your help to do it.

The Global Consequences of Rattle Tales??is ??a night of story creation including people from all around the world. We’ll be at the Latest Music Bar from 8pm (doors 7.30pm) on 9th September. There, we’ll connect the people in the room with people in other places to create stories line by line.

To start those stories off, we need adjectives. Email your favourite adjective to us by August 26th. We’ll use those we like best in the show.

Then come along on the 9th Sept and take part. Entry is free. Find out more about the show and the festival here:??https://www.brightondigitalfestival.co.uk/events/the-global-consequences-of-rattle-tales/



Perform with us at Brighton Festival Fringe

Want to perform your writing at the Brighton Festival Fringe? Send it to us.

We’re going back to the Fringe on 23rd May after a sell-out show last year, but we need your help. Send short stories that you’d like to read and discuss with our Fringe audience. Anything goes: funny, sad, weird, twisted…

There are just a few rules:

- Don’t submit anything until you have read the submissions page.

- Send us short stories of 1-2000 words, and flash fiction of up to 350 words.

- Only submit stories you think will work well at a live literature night, and that you’re able and happy to talk about.

The deadline is 12th April. Time to get writing!


Submissions Open For Next Year

Submissions are now open for our first show of next year at The Brunswick in Hove on Feb 20th. Please send your short fiction (between 1 and 2,000 words) and flash (up to 350 words) by Feb 1st. We know it’s a long way off but we’re telling you now so you can mull it over Christmas. We’re still looking for original fiction that reads well to an audience and has a beginning, middle and end.Everyone has been a bit sad and melancholic of late so if you have a comic tale to cheer us up send it in, we’re not saying that sad and melancholic won’t get in, just that we need a bit of funny.

Please read our submissions guidelines carefully and remember that the story is going to be read aloud to an audience and needs to keep their attention.

Make sure you read our submissions page before you submit.

We look forward to reading what you’ve got!


We’re Going to Shoreham – Submissions Wanted!

Rattle Tales has been invited to join Shoreham Wordfest on October 6th, putting on our usual show at the Ropetackle Arts Centre. We’ll be part of an exciting festival programme that includes all kinds of innovative workshops, debates and readings.

Want to come and be part of the event? We need your submissions. After our successful experiment with flash fiction at our Brighton Festival show, we are looking for submissions in two categories this time.

- Short stories between 1-2000 words long, with audience debate about each one.

- Flash fiction up to 350 words (with no debate).

Send your submissions to [email protected] by Friday 24th August. See here for full submissions guidelines.

Get writing!


We’re Going to the Fringe

Rattle Tales will be back on Monday 14th May as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe.

A year after our first night, we are both pleased and proud to be involved in such a well-known, long-running event. If you have been part of one of our nights before, thanks for helping us get this far. If you haven’t, it’s never to late to start…

Either way, come to the Caroline of Brunswick on the 14th May for some extra special festival rattling. The show starts at 8.15pm, and tickets are available for just ??4 from here.

Want to read a story on the night? Submissions are open now. We’re looking for stories from 1-2000 words long, by 23rd April. See our submissions page for details of how and what to submit.


12 Days Left to Submit

If you’re thinking of submitting to our 8th February event, it’s time to pick up your pen or open that laptop…our deadline is Friday 20th January.

Our nights are unpretentious, interactive and fun. If you’re a writer, reading at one of our nights offers a rare opportunity to chat with your audience and get some useful feedback. Have a look at this report of our last night or read the home page to get feel for what we do.

Want to submit? This is what we need:

- Short stories 1-2000 words long
- Any subject you like
- By 20th January
- To be read by you at the Komedia Studio Bar on the evening of 8th February.

Send them to [email protected] – we can’t wait to read them!