Rattle Tales at Brighton Fringe

Another Brighton Festival, another Rattle Tales at the Fringe. This was to be our biggest show yet, with 80 tickets sold in advance. The Brunswick was packed out and buzzing as soon as we opened the doors.


We were joined for this one by the Brighton and Hove Camera Club. Each story was illustrated by one of their photos, with the person who took the photo speaking to the audience after each story. It was fascinating to see how each photographer interpreted each story ??? many thanks to everyone involved.

The Stories

We kicked off with Shirley Golden???s flash piece, Curtailed. This story of a girl growing up with a tail gave everyone something to think about. Should she have it removed…or not?


Craig Melvin???s Albion was a journey around Brighton and its characters. It mixed myth and reality perfectly, breaking plenty of rules and keeping everyone engaged.

DSC_9772Erinna Mettler???s Carbon in its Purest Form was an emotional walk through Britain???s forgotten former mining communities, in the light of the death of a certain ex-Prime Minister. That ex-PM wasn???t named in the story: she didn???t need to be.

Cahir McDaid gave us Recorded for Posterity, about a baby with a rather unusual diet. He very cleverly introduced the idea of a zombie child slowly, although perhaps the BHCC photograph gave the game away a little. Cahir told us he hadn???t done much writing before. We certainly hope he does more.

Alice Cuninghame read On the Beach, a dystopian tale of a girl fighting to survive in a world of slums, glass cities and refugees. She does survive, but not in the way she wants to.



Mike Liardet gave us his flash piece, The Collector, about a man who collects coincidences. This brilliantly funny tale got plenty of laughs…and a few sharp intakes of breath with its unexpectedly violent ending.

Amanda Welby-Everard read Restless Legs. This tells the story of a battle with the syndrome of the same name, and its relentless effects on both body and mind.

Paul McVeigh finished the show with his hilarious monologue An Honest Man, based on the confused thoughts of a self-justifying womaniser. We all know one of those…


DSC_9786Want more?

Take a look at these reviews from our writers:

Shirley Golden:??https://www.shirleygolden.net/site/Latest.html

Paul McVeigh:??https://paulmcveigh.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/rattle-tales-at-brighton-fringe-launch.html

Laura Wilkinson:??https://lauracwilkinson.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/rattling-good-tales/








DSC_9754Coming up

Join Erinna Mettler and Amanda Welby-Everard on 22nd June for a beginners writing workshop. Find out more here.

Read stories from our newly published anthology out now on Kindle??and in paperback.


Line-up for the Fringe

We had another very impressive set of submissions in for our Brighton Festival Fringe show on 23rd May. But there can only be eight winners. They are:

Shirley Golden – Curtailed
Craig Melvin – Albion
Erinna Mettler – Carbon in its Purest Form
Cahir McDaid – Recorded for Posterity
Alice Cuninghame – On the Beach
Mike Liardet – The Collector
Amanda Welby-Everard – Restless Legs
Paul McVeigh – An Honest Man

Get tickets here for just ??5. And get them soon – we sold out well in advance last year. The show starts at 9pm on 23rd May at the Brunswick.


Perform with us at Brighton Festival Fringe

Want to perform your writing at the Brighton Festival Fringe? Send it to us.

We’re going back to the Fringe on 23rd May after a sell-out show last year, but we need your help. Send short stories that you’d like to read and discuss with our Fringe audience. Anything goes: funny, sad, weird, twisted…

There are just a few rules:

- Don’t submit anything until you have read the submissions page.

- Send us short stories of 1-2000 words, and flash fiction of up to 350 words.

- Only submit stories you think will work well at a live literature night, and that you’re able and happy to talk about.

The deadline is 12th April. Time to get writing!


Festival Fringe Benefits

May 14th saw Rattle Tales take part in the Festival Fringe for the first time. Being part of such a huge event was fantastic, and meant lots of new faces turned up. A full house of 60 made their way to the Caroline of Brunswick on a gloomy Monday night to see some of our stalwarts and three first-timers read.?? Jo Warburton made her debut as host, and did great job of keeping things flowing.

Joe Joyce kicked off proceedings with ‘Ganglion’, a tale of gruesome insects and broken dreams. Amanda Welby-Everard changed the tone with ‘The Good School’, a story of over-protective parenting gone wrong. Linda Baker was next up with ‘The Pear Tree’,?? a poignant story of an argumentative couple, a tree and the triumph of love. Finishing off the first half was Charlotte Feld with ‘The Potential Energy of an Object’, about a man’s misguided curiosity. This was the first of two pieces of flash fiction that were included in the night, a new departure for us that rounded off each half nicely.

The second half began with Ryan Millar’s funny and fascinating story ‘Waking up a Bear’, about a man who wakes up in a zoo as a bear. Alice Cuninghame darkened the mood with ‘All Fall Down’, an apocalyptic tale of the return of bubonic plague to Brighton. Susanna Quinn lightened it again with ‘How to Make Friends and Manipulate People’, a funny story of salesmen and manipulation. Erinna Mettler ended the night with another piece of flash, ‘Elephant’, about a girl’s visit to an elephant.

There was plenty of discussion and questions for the writers, with everyone getting involved and sticking around after to mingle and chat more. Thanks to everyone at Brighton Festival Fringe and Laughing Horse for helping us make it happen.

The night also saw the launch of the Rattle Tales anthology, a collection of 25 stories from all the Rattle Tales nights. Buy it here.

See our facebook page for more photos.







Festival Line-Up and Tickets

We had a very impressive bunch of stories submitted for our Brighton Festival Fringe night on 14th May, and some very difficult decisions to make. We managed to whittle them down six after much discussion, although we have had to leave some excellent stories off the bill. Thank you to everyone who submitted. As well as the six full-length stories, we’ve managed to squeeze a couple of bonus flash fiction spots in to round off each half of the proceedings. The full list is:

Joe Joyce – Ganglion
Amanda Welby-Everard – The Good School
Linda Baker – The Pear Tree
Charlotte Feld – The Potential Energy of an Object (flash piece)
Ryan Millar – Waking the Bear
Alice Cuninghame – All Fall Down
Susanna Quinn – How to Make Money and Manipulate People
Erinna Mettler – Elephant (flash piece)

Tickets for the show are limited, so get them in advance online if you want to be sure of getting in. We cannot guarantee that we will have tickets left to sell on the door. Buy them from here.

See you at the Caroline of Brunswick, at 8.15 on the 14th May.



Free Stories!

We’re a generous lot here at Rattle Tales.?? To get you in the mood for our Brighton Festival Fringe night on 14th May and to celebrate World Book Night, we’ve put together a free story collection. All the stories have been read at our nights, and we’ve included a Q&A with the author of each one, just as we do live.

But you need to be quick: they’ll only be here for a week. Click here to read them before 3oth April.

Enjoy the stories and we’ll see you on the 14th May at the Caroline of Brunswick. Buy tickets here.





Rattle Tales Tasters

If you haven’t been to a Rattle Tales night before, or you have and you want to relive it, we’ve got a couple of new projects you might be interested in.

Our new promotional video is online here, filmed at our February night at Komedia. Watch it if you’re thinking of coming along or submitting: you’ll get a good idea of what we do on our nights.

We’re also planning an anthology, with stories from all the Rattle Tales nights so far included. Watch this space for details.

If you’d like the chance to see your work in print in future anthologies, submit to our Brighton Festival Fringe show on 14th May. The deadline is 23rd April. Details here.


We’re Going to the Fringe

Rattle Tales will be back on Monday 14th May as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe.

A year after our first night, we are both pleased and proud to be involved in such a well-known, long-running event. If you have been part of one of our nights before, thanks for helping us get this far. If you haven’t, it’s never to late to start…

Either way, come to the Caroline of Brunswick on the 14th May for some extra special festival rattling. The show starts at 8.15pm, and tickets are available for just ??4 from here.

Want to read a story on the night? Submissions are open now. We’re looking for stories from 1-2000 words long, by 23rd April. See our submissions page for details of how and what to submit.