Christmas stories

We gathered at the Brunswick for our last show of 2016 and our first ever December show. A busy crowd braved the winter chill, with lots of familiar faces and old hands in both the audience and on the lineup.

Lel Meleyal opened the night with her flash tale of unrequited love and brutal death. Clare Martin followed with her inventive story of family life told from the perspective of a playing card, and Peter Hitchen gave us life clinging on against the odds in a Shetland croft.

Mike Liardet opened the second third of the show with hisĀ amusing spin on a World War Two court martial, followed by a change of pace with Neil Noon’s lyrical, haunting diary piece. Linda McVeigh, the 2014 Brighton Prize winner, ended the third with a story of lost family with a masterful twist at the end.

The final third was opened by Ingrid Jendrejewski, with a flash story involving writing, washing up and a walrus. Pete Maguire then took us to Soviet Russia and a terrifying Lenin mural, before Alice Cuninghame closed the night with a story of bloodthirsty Christmas past and present.

We’ll have details of our next show and submissions period very soon.

Until then – Happy Christmas.

Rattle Tales